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Highlands Bell Schedule

7:48 Line Up Bell - Kindergarten to 6th grade
7:50 School Begins - Kindergarten to 6th grade
9:40-10:00 1st Recess
10:00-10:20 2nd Recess
10:20-10:40 3rd Recess
11:20-12:10 1st Lunch
12:00-12:50 2nd Lunch
12:30-1:20 3rd Lunch
1:54 Dismissal - Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
2:44 Dismissal - 3rd Grade to 6th Grade
Minimum Day  
Shortened Day  
Early Release Wednesdays  

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The morning bell is the same for all grade levels. Grades K-2 have a separate dismissal time than grades 3-6.