About Highlands


Academic Excellence and Commitment to the Values of Diversity, Community and Collaboration

27332 Catala Avenue, Saugus, CA 91350


Highlands is an accomplished school that has been honored as:

A National Blue Ribbon School

A California Distinguished School

A 2016 Gold Ribbon School

Each year, every student attending Highlands, creates a book that is shared during our Young Author's Day Celebration. Many former students, teachers and administrators return for this special occasion as guest readers and team leaders. Young Author’s Day was the focus of our approved 2016 Gold Ribbon Application.

Reading is celebrated with our Accelerated Reader Program which offers every student at school a chance to be acknowledged while earning awards for reading within their own unique zone of proximal development. Highlands challenges each student to read:  fiction, non-fiction, biographies and news and research articles with the goal of increasing fluency and comprehension across all genres.


Science is celebrated each year with an annual science fair and an optional science camp for 5th grade students. Hands-on experimentation is found at all grade levels with a special focus in 5th and 6th grade. Along with the California Science Standards, curriculum includes many constructs of Science Olympiad which help to make science instruction more exciting and meaningful to students.

Mathematics is an essential skill that demands skillful maneuvering   and daily instruction. Highlands’ teachers incorporate techniques that are designed to demonstrate the relevancy of each skill in a student's daily life. A student's depth of knowledge allows them to understand the world around them and help prepare them for their future. Highlands strives to provide a real-world context for each concept being taught and endeavor for student mastery.  

Highlands is proud to partner with the Meet Masters Art program. Students discover the lives and works of master artists before creating a work of art in the same medium. We have the ability to work in ceramics and sculpture with the only working kiln in the district. In addition, students participate in grade level play productions and arts performances that are aligned to the California Standards. Our school chorus celebrates the winter season with a special concert and caroling.


The library offers a collection of over 13,000 items specifically curated toward the reading interests of our students and the informational needs at each grade level. Library services begin at the preschool level and grade-specific programming is offered to every student on campus.

English Language Learners are given special opportunities to work on developing their second language skills using unique program offerings and a homework club, run by teachers, designed specifically for individual needs.

Our Gifted Student population is offered a variety of differentiated instructional learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum.

SPARK is a research-based physical fitness program that promotes lifelong wellness and healthy living. All students receive a minimum of 100 minutes of instruction each week, emphasizing the age-appropriate developmental skills outlined in the program.


Highlands has always been a leader in technology. Along with being the first school to have Smart Boards in every classroom we have two computer labs and a constant stream of personal donations that allows us to have one of the highest ratios of computers to students in the Saugus Union School District.

Highlands is the only school with a unique pod layout that promotes collaboration amongst students and teachers. Classes work with “Buddy Classes” to increase the feeling of community and allow for connections in all grade levels. Students in the upper grades change classes for instruction to prepare for middle school and to allow for focused lessons by teachers.  

Accelerated Reader Coded Library - 13,000 Titles

Adopt a Family

Chalk Festival

Circle of Friends

Community Outreach - Troop Donations

Fall/Winter Carnival

Father-Daughter Dance

The Great Kindness Challenge

Meet the Masters  Art Program

Mother-Son Events


Rockets - 5th Grade

Science Camp

Science Fair

Student Run Conferences - 6th Grade

Young Author’s Day


Our Staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of every student to pass through our doors with a high quality, balanced education. General Education, Special Education, English Language Learners and GATE students work together to make Highlands a superior educational experience.